This is your destination for hobbies in the Fresno area

Fresno and the surround communities are filled with people who enjoy a hobby. A hobby is something you do for fun in your leisure time. The range of hobbies is large and trying to find people to share your hobby with can be difficult. This site hopes to bring together hobbyist with resources that can help them enjoy their hobby. This includes clubs, events, and local stores.

The internet has greatly changed the way many hobbies operate. Coin collectors can buy from dealers around the world and get the best prices. But, there is still the desire for hobbyists to get together with others to socialize and share ideas. The Fresno area is home to a wide range of hobby clubs.

This is a attempt to try to bring together information about hobbies that is useful to everyone. Its goals are:

  • Help individuals find a club.
  • Help clubs find members.
  • Promote events that hobbyists may be interested.
  • Reveal new hobbies that you may not have heard of.

Please let me know what you think or recommend how the site can be improved. Send an email to admin@fresnohobbies.com

Mike Sanders
Managing Editor

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